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OCINet Facilitates Medical Image Sharing

The Ontario Clinical Imaging Network (OCINet) is an independent, not-for-profit corporation and a delivery partner of Ontario Health.

OCINet enables the secure storage and retrieval of imaging exams, supports hospitals and integrated community health services centres (ICHSCs) (also known as independent health facilities, or IHFs), and connects radiologists, referring physicians, and specialists with their patients’ clinical images province-wide.

  • Enables care closer to home and helps to inform/avoid patient transfers
  • Reduces repeat scans and radiation exposure
  • Reduces healthcare costs through efficient use of resources and equipment
  • Decreases patient wait times and hospital overcrowding

OCINet Provides Essential Services to Hospitals and Integrated Community Health Services Centres

OCINet systems allow clinical users to quickly access imaging exams and reports, enabling them to diagnose, consult, and treat patients with a more comprehensive data set.

OCINet Connects Healthcare Organizations All Across Ontario

OCINet repositories foster collaboration, standardization, and efficiency among healthcare providers.

Hospitals Sharing Imaging Exams

ICHSCs/IHFs Sharing Imaging Exams

Shareable Imaging Exams

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