Impact and Benefits

OCINet’s repositories securely store and share imaging studies, may reduce imaging wait times and costs, and help to facilitate a flexible, sustainable healthcare system.

Repositories Benefit Multiple Stakeholders

OCINet aims to create connections among health service providers, accelerate care for patients, save hospitals money, and ensure healthier Ontarians.

  • Provides faster, more reliable access to imaging exams.
  • Enables authorized health service provider access to imaging exams from anywhere, at any time.
  • Results in fewer, unnecessary, repeat procedures and less exposure to radiation.
  • Reduces wait times.
  • Promotes collaboration among clinicians (view images simultaneously from different locations).
  • Facilitates more accurate and timely diagnosis and faster treatment.
  • Standardizes workflow processes and clinical practices across facilities.
  • Reduces patient travel.
  • Streamlines handling of emergency cases.
  • Enhances continuity and comprehensiveness of patient care.
  • Increases health service provider productivity.
  • Frees up IT resources (human and equipment) by moving storage off-site.
  • Improves recruitment and retention.
  • Offers an environmentally friend way of sharing DI studies.
  • Yields capital and operational cost savings via economies of scale.
  • Ensures security and privacy issues are addressed collaboratively.
  • Provides for greater data security and disaster recovery capability.
  • Reduces the number of diagnostic imaging retakes – lowers costs.
  • Enhances risk management.
  • Helps the province maintain a flexible, scalable, sustainable healthcare system.
  • Supports the developing, specialized, regional treatment centre model for cancer, cardiology, etc.
  • Helps patients get treatment closer to home or at their preferred locations.
  • Facilitates remote diagnosis, treatment, and care.
  • Provides a foundation for other advanced, regional, digital technologies.

Specialists Across the Province Support OCINet’s Efforts