Diagnostic Imaging Repository (DIR)

About the DIR 

A diagnostic imaging repository (DIR) allows for the secure collection and storage of diagnostic imaging and reports. This provides instant access to a patient’s DI longitudinal record for clinicians of connected hospitals and independent health facilities across the province of Ontario.

Hospitals and independent health facilities upload copies of DI exams to their respective regional DIR (which currently leverages technology either from GE HealthCare or Agfa). When a patient requires medical services, an authorized health service provider may access those DI exams through DIR applications that provide a consolidated single patient jacket across multiple radiology information system (RIS) or picture archiving and communication system (PACS) environments.

With fast, reliable, secure and centralized access to diagnostic images and reports, these applications connect and enable clinicians to a single point of access in order to assist in the diagnosis and treatment based on a patient’s health history.

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240+ hospitals and IHFs are sharing imaging exams through the DIRs


144M+ shareable imaging exams are stored in the DIRs


The DIRs support 3000+ active daily users

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