Emergency Neuro Imaging Transfer System (ENITS)

About ENITS 

The Emergency Neuro Imaging Transfer System (ENITS) assists patients across Ontario by providing timely access to urgent and emergent neurological, vascular, cardiac, and stroke images, as well as paediatric echo studies and resources, to specialized healthcare providers.

Access to these imaging data sets for Ontario-based specialists enables the care team to determine the most appropriate course of treatment and, when required, enable patient transfer to an appropriate facility for care.

ENITS offers a secure, web-based, zero-footprint, diagnostic-quality viewer for access to in-scope imaging.

ENITS Data Flow


ENITS connects 550+ modalities across 115 Ontario hospitals


Physicians accessed 37,000+ studies in 2022/2023


ENITS provides imaging exam access to 660+ healthcare specialists

Obtaining an ENITS Account

ENITS accounts are administered by OCINet and are limited to Ontario-based specialists. Account requests are submitted via the account management request form.

Connecting Your Site and Modalities

Sites wishing to connect, update, or remove their modalities/devices to or from ENITS can submit a request using the ENITS Modality Request Form or contact enits@ocinet.ca

ENITS Clinical Impact

ENITS is an essential service for many Ontario hospitals.