Speech Recognition Reporting System (SRRS)

About SRRS 

Speech recognition reporting systems (SRRS), which are tightly integrated with picture archiving and communications systems (PACS), enable speech-to-text conversion of medical imaging reports.

SRRS technology enables a radiologist to verbalize details of a case, read and interpret medical imaging on the fly with speech-to-text, and then check and approve the written report that is automatically produced all in one session, without necessarily involving transcriptionists or other intermediaries. SRRS is well equipped to handle abbreviations, slang, accents, new and evolving terminology, and background noise.

Using an SRRS leads to a marked reduction in report turnaround times and allows radiologists to create reports anywhere, anytime. The design of the SRRS allows for multi-organization, multi-facility reading and accommodates the additional integration components that are required to support such configurations.

Any hospital team in Ontario looking to replace their SRRS has the option of choosing an OCINet-supported SRRS.

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